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Raising Ravens


Raising Ravens is the new musical project for Australian artist, Jess Finlayson. Conceived in 2020 and kicking off with debut single release ‘careful what you wish for’, Raising Ravens has continued to grow in intensity with the 3rd single release, ‘It’s a Trap’, hitting number 1 in the Amrap Metro Charts in April 2021 and staying in the charts for 4 consecutive weeks.

Raising Ravens is a hard-hitting rock-based project focusing on topics that tend to be swept under the carpet or ignored and touches on subjects relating to worldwide and personally experienced abuses of power and the effects those abuses have on those who are at its mercy.

Starting out as the lead guitarist for all female hard-rock renegades, Nitocris followed by the infamous Fyreflyes, Jess has been touring nationally and internationally, writing and recording since the age of 15. Most recently being the founding member, lead singer/guitarist for The Mis-Made who disbanded in 2019. Having traversed the chaos of the past 2 years, Raising Ravens recently released the debut EP, 'In My Room' which was also the first for Finlayson's label, Interloper Records. The focus in now on completing a full-length album with long standing producer, Lachlan Mitchell and some of her favourite musicians and co-conspirators. More on that soon......

"In My Room" is available now through INTERLOPER RECORDS.

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